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As a member of The Business Community, you get access to as many of the following workshops as you like. They are genuinely commercial workshops that if you weren't a member, you would be paying for. Do take advantage of these offers as all small business owners should be continually developing and learning new skills.

The people offering these workshops are not being paid to do so - it is part of their contribution to the community - it would be great if you could support them.

Each event is limited to 10 people, and will be 1-2 hours, held on the first or third Tuesday of the month at 2pm - check the calendar below to find out specific dates.

Click on the link for each event to find out more.

NEW for 2021

  • Effective Influencing Skills - Julie Futcher, The Sales Manager
  • How To Price Your Product/Service - Margot Clarke, Clarke Consultancy
  • An Introduction To Mental Health - Dr. AJ Yates, AJMH
  • Business Planning - The Basics - Kathy Bassett, Action Coach
  • Defining Your Target Market - Jacky Sherman, Asentiv
  • Using PR For Your Business - Eleanor Lester, Shrewd PR

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