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What’s your business DNA? Is it the same as other business owners?

Are you an ambitious, entrepreneurial business owner with a collaborative mindset? You are? Good!
You’re in the right place.

Running your own business can be tough and the odds are against you - but don’t worry! The support you need is on your doorstep - at next to no cost!

In 2019, there were 5.82 million small businesses in the UK1. These accounted for 60% of the employment and around half of the turnover in the UK private sector2. Sadly, 60% of those new businesses will go-under within three years20% will close their doors within just 12 months3.

The top 3 reasons for this lack of success are4:

  • lack of cash
  • no plan
  • lack of clear value proposition

At The Business Community, we believe that, with the right support at the right price - any small business can succeed. With our positive attitude of mutual collaboration and a desire to share our collective wisdom and experience, we all have so much to gain:

  • Connections & contacts
  • Business advice and tips
  • Encouragement and support through the dark days
  • A pat on the back when things go well

The cost for these enormous business benefits? Membership of  The Business Community comes in at only £26 per month*

Find out more about benefits of membership

*Cancel any time


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