The Small Business Toolkit

The Small Business Toolkit is a paperback (worth £16.95) that is available to you for free (just pay p&p = £4.95 - UK only; whilst stocks last). It is a collection of articles for the small business owner – to help improve and enhance the success of any small business looking to grow.

This book intends to provide a reference across all pillars of business:

Strategy ~ Finance ~ Sales ~ Marketing ~ Operations ~ Resources ~ Personal help small businesses be better at what they do and not make the same mistakes that a lot of other businesses make. It’s aimed at any small business owner who doesn’t have all the answers to be successful. So that’s you and every other business owner - right?

With over 230 pages, this book has the following content with each chapter being written by a local business owner; recognised as an expert in their field:

TheSmallBusinessToolkitSection 1 - Strategy

  • Creating a strategy for your business
  • Setting up your business for exit

Section 2 - Finance

  • Managing cash flow in your business
  • Essential tips for credit control
  • Raising finance - different sources of funding
  • Reducing costs in your business
  • Tax Planning in its simplest form
  • Money matters for business and life

Section 3 - Sales

  • Understanding the basics of sales
  • Closing the deal

Section 4 - Marketing

  • How to put together a marketing strategy
  • Harness the power of your network
  • The importance of a CRM system and how to choose one
  • Designing the perfect marketing material
  • Is branding important for your business?
  • Is social media worth it?
  • Getting the most out of your website
  • Writing winning words for your website
  • Choosing the right print partner - what to consider

Section 5 - Operations & Resources

  • Managing your data effectively
  • The basics of IT security
  • Outsourcing - yes or no?
  • How can software improve your efficiency and performance?
  • Protecting you and your business

Section 6 - Personal

  • Managing your stress and anxiety
  • Goal setting (and achieving) – the key to success in business

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