Growth through collaboration and support
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The Small Business Toolkit

The Small Business Toolkit is a published book that normally resells for £16.95 but you can access it for free above and read online or download as a PDF. It is a collection of articles for the small business owner – to help improve and enhance the success of any small business looking to grow.

This book intends to provide a reference across all pillars of business:

Strategy ~ Finance ~ Sales ~ Marketing ~ Operations ~ Resources ~ Personal help small businesses be better at what they do and not make the same mistakes that a lot of other businesses make. It’s aimed at any small business owner who doesn’t have all the answers to be successful. So that’s you and every other business owner - right?

With over 230 pages, this book has the following content with each chapter being written by a local business owner; recognised as an expert in their field:

TheSmallBusinessToolkitSection 1 - Strategy

  • Creating a strategy for your business
  • Setting up your business for exit

Section 2 - Finance

  • Managing cash flow in your business
  • Essential tips for credit control
  • Raising finance - different sources of funding
  • Reducing costs in your business
  • Tax Planning in its simplest form
  • Money matters for business and life

Section 3 - Sales

  • Understanding the basics of sales
  • Closing the deal

Section 4 - Marketing

  • How to put together a marketing strategy
  • Harness the power of your network
  • The importance of a CRM system and how to choose one
  • Designing the perfect marketing material
  • Is branding important for your business?
  • Is social media worth it?
  • Getting the most out of your website
  • Writing winning words for your website
  • Choosing the right print partner - what to consider

Section 5 - Operations & Resources

  • Managing your data effectively
  • The basics of IT security
  • Outsourcing - yes or no?
  • How can software improve your efficiency and performance?
  • Protecting you and your business

Section 6 - Personal

  • Managing your stress and anxiety
  • Goal setting (and achieving) – the key to success in business

The Business Community is bringing me ever-increasing levels of business; as well as invaluable business support.

Professional environment and extremely friendly. We have plenty of recommendations and customers from networking hence the reason to go further with this group. Various locations to choose from and on top of this, there's always a warm welcome from Paul.

The Business Community is a vibrant networking group that successfully combines professional relationship building with business education. Paul’s engaging facilitation style enables people to bond quickly and learn from each other. The inputs provide up to date thinking to challenge the members of The Business Community to think and act differently so to improve business results.

I really enjoy the meetings, the format works well and the atmosphere is friendly, most importantly it is not too scary if you are new to networking.  I have made some valuable business contacts over the last year that I would not have found had it not been for The Business Community.

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