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BusComm Showcase

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Each four week period will focus on a particular pillar of business.

There are four categories for the themes (with the dates of those 4 week periods for 2020):

  • Finance
    • February 24th to March 20th
    • June 15th to July 10th
    • October 5th to 30th
  • Sales & Marketing
    • March 23rd to April 17th
    • July 13th to August 7th
    • November 2nd to 27th
  • Operations & Resources
    • April 20th to May 15th
    • August 10th to September 4th
    • November 30th to December 18th
  • Strategy & Personal Development
    • May 18th to June 12th
    • September 7th to October 2nd

The intention is to align the videos, speakers, workshops and hot seats during that period.

It is also a great opportunity, if your business fits into the particular theme at the time, to raise your profile within your field of expertise.

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