Speaker Slots

There is a great opportunity when becoming a member of The Business Community, you get the chance to book a 10-minute presentation slot at any of the business networking meetings. The only criteria is that it needs to be educational, not a sales pitch for your business - an ideal way to raise your profile within The Business Community and "show off" your knowledge and experience.

It doesn't have to be a Powerpoint presentation, screens/projectors and flipcharts are available at most venues or you could just orate without the use of either!

Tips for your presentation

  • Share your knowledge/skill/advice
  • If using slides – suggest no more than 10 (sometimes just standing up and presenting; maybe with a flipchart – can work better)
  • No need to cover more than 5-7 points
  • Allow some time for questions
  • Consider handouts for delegates (at least in electronic format)
  • Promote your presentation to people in your network so they can attend the meeting your at; in doing so raising your profile


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