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When it comes to networking - you're an animal

Nov 19, 2022

Now we all have our own styles or at least we see other people's when networking, have you ever wondered which category of networker you fit into?

Well here goes. Which one fits you the best? (Please don't take offence - these are done with tongue in cheek - but may strike a few nerves!).

SwanSwan - He or she is a monogamist and only sticks to one networking group and is very loyal to that one particular organisation. This is fine but can lead to a level of 'stagnation' as the opportunities from that group may have been exhausted.

monkeyMonkey - They're everywhere, attending each and every networking event going and enjoy the social interaction although aren't necessarily that great at generating business for themselves or other people; but they are fun to be around and get on with.

chameleonChameleon - These are the type of people who seem to always change the product or service they are offering; or have a diverse range of things they can do. This can create the 'jack of all trades, master of none' dilemma.

chickChick - New and only just 'hatched' into the networking world, maybe a start up business, and need a little help and encouragement to get on their feet and get the most out of networking events.

tortoiseTortoise - Pretty much stay in their shell and don't connect with people naturally or may be shy, possibly lacking in confidence. They may need coaxing a little to engage fully and feel comfortable in a large group.

owlOwl - A seasoned networker who knows the business community well and provides insightful advice and help to other networkers; as well as being a good source of prospects and referrals.

spiderSpider - A very good connector of people within their business network. Building up a strong 'web' of like-minded networkers that work very well together with complimentary services and understand the benefits of networking. Often they get involved in strategic alliances and joint ventures.

batBat - Blind to opportunities for other people and only interested in 'sucking the blood' from you and letting you know all about how great their product/service is and why you should buy it now. More of a salesman than a networker.

hawkHawk - Very focused, serious and clear about what they want to get out of networking. Able to identify their 'prey' and develop strong relationships for mutual gain. They are highly effective when it comes to networking but may not be the most sociable.

magpieMagpie - Only interested in collecting your 'shiny' business card or the list of attendees in order to add to their newsletter or spam you after the networking meeting! These people like speed networking.

mayflyMayfly - They are short-lived - only appear once briefly at a meeting, decide networking is not for them and they're never seen again. Not realising that networking is a mid- to long-term investment to generate relationships that ultimately lead to business.

So which one of the menagerie best fits you - maybe a combination?

Hopefully it has been food for thought about how you might interact at a meeting and if there is a different 'creature' you'd rather be?

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