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My Most Trusted Chrome App

Now with ChatGPT built in - see below*.

Tired of the spammy nature of LinkedIn, fake profiles and bots? But still want to use it as a connection and lead-generation tool?

The best way of getting successful introductions is through someone that you trust; likewise with referrals.

In partnership with My Most Trusted, BusComm has developed an app for your Chrome browser that will allow you to better manage your LinkedIn connections and to find new ones through trusted, 1st level connections from the combined network (currently around 15,000 real people that you are 1 step away from!). 

It also provides you with a list of current members so you can easily connect with them (if you are not already).

By downloading the app and using it in conjunction with LinkedIn, you are creating an "inner circle" of your trusted connections plus you have access to other BusComm members "inner circles".

So what are you waiting for? This could be the most useful LinkedIn lead-generation tool. Download now.

Once installed, open up LinkedIn and launch the app. You will see that you have access to The Business Community members' list. To help, watch this video tutorial.

Your first task is to add 20 trusted connections - these will be other BusComm members, your referral partners, suppliers you would recommend, networking connections, etc.

As each BusComm member does this, it will create a much more powerful network outside of The Business Community and help you identify new connections and possible clients through people that you already know, like and trust.

The app allows you to easily request introductions to someone and for you to connect people together who you think would be valuable to each other.

Other features:

  • Tracks referrals/introductions
  • Automatically generates posts for LinkedIn for introductions
  • Tag people and add notes (mini-CRM system)
  • Powerful search facility - that quickly identifies who within the Most Trusted Network is already connected to them (so you can easily request an introduction)
  • *AI feature that summarises the person, giving you a Myers-Briggs type personality profile (that can help communicate with them in a way that will work for them) plus generate an appealing, personalised introduction message to them. (Watch the demo video here).

This is an end to trying to engage with cold connections through LinkedIn, you now have a trusted team that will help you grow your business.

icon_chrome Download the Chrome app now

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