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The Business Community members have access to a free, no-obligation, 20-minute consultation with any of the following experts in their field. This will ideally be conducted over the phone/Skype or similar and possibly email exchange. (Please see disclaimer at the footer of this page).

These are other BusComm members who are willing to give up their time to support the group.

Your Choice Of Experts

Ashish Kumar

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Based in Northampton, we're a software development company delivering IT solutions and consultancy since 2006. Our team is highly-skilled and our focus is you and your business. We are specialists in: Bespoke Software Development, Ecommerce Applications, Mobile Apps. We help SMEs to get their very own customised business software which follows the existing working style of the business.

Expertise: Bespoke Software Development ~ Ecommerce Applications ~ Mobile Apps

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Bob Allen

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Bob is a Northampton-based Osteopath, strength & flexibility coach. After getting a degree in applied Biology, he became an IT project manager before a career change to become an osteopath, graduating from Oxford Brookes in 2011. While studying he gained a diploma as a Level 4 massage therapist in 2008 and trained as a dyslexia support tutor. Since becoming an Osteopath he has qualified as a Functional Strength and Conditioning coach and Mental Health first aider.

Expertise: Ergonomic assessment and advice ~ Anatomy, Physiology and all things osteopathy-related

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Charlotte Haverson

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Charlotte has been helping people and companies locate their perfect vehicle for over 20 years. Buying a car is the biggest purchase next to your house and should be a considered process. Whether you are an individual or a company it is important to research the best solution for you. Charlotte offers an extended 30-minute session to discuss your life-style and funding options. You will come away with a clear understanding of the next steps to take, and a better understanding of the funding options that are available to you.

Expertise: Vehicle sourcing

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Eleanor Lester

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Eleanor is a Freelance PR and Marketing professional with over 20 years' experience. Social Media activities form a key part of her work: creating content for use on websites and blogs, email marketing and content creation, to managing a brand’s social media presence. She is also able to provide advice on public relations and marketing. Her experience includes strategic planning and implementation, developing marketing collateral; whether that’s press releases, brochure content or media packs, to trade show and event support.

Expertise: PR ~ Marketing ~ Social Media ~ Content Creation ~ Press Releases – Communication Strategy 

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Jacky Sherman

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After a successful career in healthcare, for the last 14 years, Jacky has worked with business owners and their teams to build productive business relationships. Starting her own business with no commercial network she now has contacts in nearly every industry type. She attributes this to the techniques she learnt as a client with Asentiv®. Jacky is recognised as one of the key people locally to contact to put in place a strategic referral marketing system for your business that guarantees to gain you a continuous flow of recommended business from your network.

Expertise: Referral Marketing ~ Networking ~ Mediation

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James Blacklaws

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James is a highly experienced and fully independent Commercial Finance broker. With whole of market access, he can source funding and business loans for those wishing to buy commercial premises, or those looking for funds to develop their business. He offers a personal, one-stop-shop approach to funding solutions. When it comes to business finance, he has 15 years of experience and his ethos is to be fair, honest and flexible, giving you peace of mind that you have the right commercial finance solution for your investment.

Expertise: Sourcing Finance ~ Money Lending ~ Arranging Finance 

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John Scotcher

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John started his business in February 1999 and continues to have success twenty years later. John knows all things 'website' having built his industry expertise from almost the moment the web became commercial. Plus, having run a business for 20 years, there are many things he's had to learn along the way, so from contracts to payments, from successful marketing to sales, his experience specifically as a small business could be invaluable.

Expertise: Website Design, Build and Marketing

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Judith Hanson

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Judith is an NLP Master Practitioner, Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness teacher. She works with people who want to make changes in their mindset and their lives and specialise in anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. She can help with the overwhelm that can come in the early days of starting a business; the fear of failure (or success!); dealing with issues from the past that may be affecting your ability to build a successful business: fear of doing presentations or your 45 second introductions and much, much more. 

Expertise: Mindset Change ~ NLP ~ Hypnotherapy ~ Mindfulness

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Julie Futcher

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Julie has nearly 25 years' experience within a sales role, both in business to business and also business to consumer. During her career she has successfully trained many individuals to sell by developing their own style but using tried and tested sales techniques. She understands how daunting it can be to have to pick up the telephone or meet with clients/customers face to face with the view of interesting them in the product or service that is being offered. Julie established The Sales Ace to support and train business owners to increase their revenue. 

Expertise: Sales ~ Telemarketing ~ Training

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Kevin Robinson

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Kevin is not quite what you expect when you think of a marketing professional or a media producer. Why? Well partly because of his unusual growth to this stage in my career. For the first part of his working life, he was very much focused on the international distribution chain for tech companies. Working within the marketing and distribution of components gave him a solid insight into the way the story of a product is told to the consumer and how to train the supply chain. He now primarily work with SMEs to enhance their brand. 

Expertise: Story-Based Marketing ~ Product and Brand Message ~ Video Production ~ Content Writing

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Marie-Louise O'Neill

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Marie-Louise specialises in logo and branding evolution. With her help, your brand will evolve over time, reflecting the changing nature of your marketplace but always keeping your core brand values at heart. She also offers a comprehensive range of visual services - from logo design, social media post templates and website design in the digital space, to print design for the creation of brochures, adverts, banners and packaging. With more than 15 years’ industry experience, she offers a great value, bespoke service which is all about meeting your unique requirements.

Expertise: Logo Design ~ Branding ~ Graphic Design

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Mark Coster

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Mark has been a graphic designer for over 20 years working in a range of in-house studios across the county. Having always had a desire to run his own business, he started his creative agency, Pixooma, in 2014. Since the start, Pixooma has provided a wide range of graphic design services and over the years has built a network of trusted suppliers in related industries. This allows it to operate as a 'virtual agency' offering print, marketing, photography, copywriting, and much more besides, and all without the overheads of a traditional 'bricks and mortar' agency.

Expertise: Logo Design ~ Branding ~ Graphic Design ~ Newsletters

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Roger Eddowes

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Roger trained at Edward Thomas Peirson & Sons in Market Harborough before working at Hartwell & Co, followed by Chancery, as a partner. He started Essendon Accounts & Tax with Helen Beaumont in 2014. Roger loves ‘getting his hands dirty’, working with emerging, small-to-medium and family businesses to ensure they receive the best possible accountancy advice. Using an extensive network of business contacts to leverage the best guidance and practical solutions, he has been called a Business Godparent due to his caring, hands-on approach.

Expertise: Finance ~ Accountancy ~ Tax

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Russell Parker

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Russell is an experienced Project Manager, Consultant and accredited trainer. He has proven successes in the fields of project management, programme management, business development and change management. He has worked for a wide range of organisations from small companies to large global corporations in the private sector. Russell provides consultancy to his clients having been a problem solver who was seen by previous customers as the first point of contact on projects for troubleshooting. He has sound business acumen and the capacity to drive continuous improvement.

Expertise: Project Management ~ Change Management ~ Progress Tracking/Reporting

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Stephen Church

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With over thirty years experience of writing copy for websites and for print, Stephen has the know-how and the creativity to deliver copy that’s both fresh and compelling. With a profound knowledge of how SEO works, he helps get your website to where you need it to be in the search engines. You’ll receive copy that’s creative, appropriate and accurate – making your online presence look special and feel special. He can also help produce business literature. He brings excellence, style and pizazz to your printed material with value that is second to none.

Expertise: Copywriting ~ Blogging ~ Web Copy

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Wendy Tate

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Originally from a corporate background, Wendy has been an AAT licensed Accountant and Xero Certified Adviser since 2014 and is now an AAT level 3 tutor.  Wendy is forward thinking and embraces new technology in particular the Xero cloud accounting ecosystem.  Wendy provides an outsourced ‘Accounts Department’ to support small businesses offering a sounding board for ideas and guidance on setting up effective accounting solutions empowering her clients to understand the numbers in their business.

Expertise:  Bookkeeping ~ Accounts ~ Payroll ~ Xero Training ~ Xero App Marketplace

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Disclaimer – no responsibility can be accepted for any actions that you take as a result of the advice or guidance given by any expert. There is no guarantee that implementing any of the advice given will definitely ensure your business is successful or that they’ll prevent your business from failing. They are presented as a guide based on the experience of the expertss working with many different types of business and are provided as a choice for you to consider if they’ll make an impact on your business. The Business Community accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your business as a result of your choice of action based on your interaction with any of the experts.

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