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Mass Email

So a mass email facility might not seem that special - however it is a great way of communicating with all current members without having to manage your own distribution lists or copying and pasting from spreadsheets!

Only members can send to other members - you have to use your registered email on your profile as all other emails are automatically blocked. So no spam.

There are no rules because you are grown-up and know how to appropriately send emails! 

If you don't like an email for whatever reason, just hit the delete key! You can unsubscribe if you wish but you are likely to be missing out.

Professional environment and extremely friendly. We have plenty of recommendations and customers from networking hence the reason to go further with this group. Various locations to choose from and on top of this, there's always a warm welcome from Paul.

In the short time I’ve been a member, The Business Community has transformed my business and I’ve met some fantastic contacts along the way. Paul Green and Stephen Church are excellent hosts and bring great charm and personality into the meeting. Highly recommended to any business - whether starting out or established.

The Business Community is bringing me ever-increasing levels of business; as well as invaluable business support.

I really enjoy the meetings, the format works well and the atmosphere is friendly, most importantly it is not too scary if you are new to networking.  I have made some valuable business contacts over the last year that I would not have found had it not been for The Business Community.

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