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1JF9408-ConvertImageThe founder of The Business Community is Paul Green, a business owner himself since 2003. He loves working with small businesses; in particular family-run businesses. The reason for this and the "why" he has chosen the path in his business life is as follows.

Paul's father ran his own small business designing, manufacturing and supplying electrical control panels to various companies within the UK and overseas. At the age of 11, unfortunately, the business went bust - as happens to quite a few businesses. This meant having to move house, move schools - money was tight and the atmosphere was not that great in the household. Having gone through this experience, it obviously left an impression.

A few years ago, Paul attended a workshop (run by Jacky Sherman of Asentiv) looking at why a person is in business and exploring the type of businesses that he enjoyed working with. Whilst engaging in this session, the seed that was subconsciously planted many years before emerged. It became apparent that what was driving Paul in his endeavours to support small, family-run businesses, is that he didn't want any children associated with the business owners to go through the trauma of a failed business! This is why he strives to impact the performance of the businesses he works with; having them be better at what they do - focusing on profitability and cashflow within the business.

His experience and knowledge of 20 years being employed by someone else and to date, working with 100s of business owners, gives him the confidence and ability to offer business advice, coaching and training when given the opportunity to do so.

Having experienced the trials and tribulations that face a small business on that entrepreneurial journey, he is passionate about making sure businesses don't make the same mistakes that he made en route! He is a big believer in collaboration and encourages businesses to work together to grow their businesses; as well as offering help and support to each other for mutual gain.

The story so far has culminated in the creation of The Business Community to combine what he offers and the contribution of a number of other business owners with a "pay it forward", positive attitude, with the purpose of providing a supportive community to ensure all businesses are successful.

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