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Speed Networking

Launching Monday 27th July and then the 4th Monday of the month.

An opportunity to meet up to 30 other business owners and quickly get to know them in 2 minutes and exchange virtual business cards, plus:

  • Join the meeting anytime from 9.30am and leave anytime
  • Leave the 121 anytime (automatically ends after 2 minutes)
  • Text chat with everyone in the room or private chat
  • Have your own private video call for as long as you like
  • Receive a list of you connected with after the meeting 

Money-back guarantee - if you do not feel that you have gained value from attending one of these meetings - your fee will be refunded

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Paul Green

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Paul is the founder of The Business Community. He works with small business owners helping them to be more effective at what they do; focusing on profitability and cashflow. He provides business advice, coaching, mentoring and training. Since becoming independent in 2003, he has worked with 100s of business owners impacting their business growth.

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Online: Zoom 

Time: from 9.30am

Price: Just £3

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