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Growth through collaboration and support
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Mastermind Groups

  • Are you achieving what you want to in your business?
  • Could you do better? Do you know how?

If you are happy with how things are going - great. Let's have a challenge of minds to see if you're right! If not, then let's have a chat to see how you could be helped.

In the context of helping you with your ongoing business development, there are a number of options to choose from to meet your needs that are flexible and affordable. A smörgåsbord that can meet any budget and fit with your availability.

Accountability circle


A weekly, online session that anyone can attend. It's an opportunity to be held accountable for the actions you say you are going to do. Left to your own devices, you will more than likely let yourself off the hook when it comes to committing to what you say you are going to do. This can be overwhelming and a cause for anxiety. Procrastination just adds to the frustrations of running a business...find out more.

Think tank

Think tank

A chance to have an in-depth discussion about any issue that you are facing or explore an opportunity that you are not sure how to capitalise on or just bounce a new business idea around with your peers. It's also an arena to share your experience and expertise to support another business owner. The "spotlight on" business will get 15-20 minutes to present their business problem or opportunity, then respond to questions from the assembled "brain-trust" and finally get valuable feedback and advice from the attendees...find out more.

Open forum

Open forum

A monthly, themed session with guest speakers covering all pillars of business: finance, sales, marketing, operations and resources, strategy and personal development. The speakers will be leading experts in their field and will present for 15-20 minutes and then be available to answer any questions from attendees...find out more.

Focus group


A private mastermind group with a minimum of 3 people, maximum of 6 people. A regular session in a confidential peer-to-peer environment looking at what makes your business tick; as well as addressing specific issues facing your business. You will get feedback from other members of the group as well as advice/coaching/mentoring from the facilitator of the group...find out more.

In addition to any of the above sessions, you can add 1 hour of private business advice/support at £75 per hour.

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