Growth through collaboration and support
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Meet the group leaders

Without the support of people taking on the role of group leaders, the #BusComm meetings would not be possible - their "sacrifice" is much appreciated! the group leaders:

Heather Petty

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Heather can provide benefits to householders and small businesses in reviewing and identifying essential services for the home, office or business facility at lower costs. All the services & the customer service standards are multi-award-winning.

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Kevin Robinson

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Kevin has 20+ years experience of teaching adults. He has written national specifications, consulted and written training courses from introduction to university level including B.A. modules, Access to adult learning, National Diplomas and online courses on a variety of subjects from Child Protection to food hygiene. He has also been a standards verifier for BTECs and currently sits as Educational Content Advisor on the CPD group panel.

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Marie-Louise O'Neill

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Marie-Louise specialises in logo and branding evolution; keeping your brand fresh, up to date and ahead of the pack. She offers a comprehensive range of visual services – from logo design, social media templates and website design in the digital space, to printed brochures, adverts, banners and packaging. She’s equipped with a breadth of design knowledge and more than 15 years’ industry experience.

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Mark Coster

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With many years of experience in branding and graphic design, it is well worth you taking a look at Mark's portfolio. Plus his 100% guarantee means there is no risk to you in choosing him for your logo, leaflet, banner, website, advert or any other design need.

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Stephen Church

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Stephen is an SEO Copywriter. He uses his love for language and knowledge of marketing to help businesses get more clients - writing words for their websites which are clear, concise and compelling. He loves working with businesses of all sizes, especially those who understand the immense value of engaging commercial content.

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Sue Pardy

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Sue is a great people person and is the ideal consultant to look after all your HR needs; be it recruitment, management, restructures, redundancies or training.

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Wendy Tate

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Wendy is the owner of Bean Counters: a forward-thinking accountancy practice, specialising in Xero cloud-based software and has been a Xero certified practice since 2014. Whether your business is new or old it needs efficient accounting services for growth and sustainability, Wendy offers an outsourced accounting solution tailored to your needs. So speak to her about your bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and compliance needs.

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