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Coaching Circle

It's not easy running your own business when ultimately, the buck stops with you! It can also be a lonely, isolating and sometimes frustrating place to be.

The Coaching Circle brings you together with up to 3 other businesses, looking at the issues and opportunities that your business faces - taking action to overcome the issues and capitalise on the opportunities.

The monthly meetings last 2 hours and each business gets there half an hour of "fame" to focus on their business; reviewing actions from the previous meeting, discussing the current state of affairs within their business and taking actions to move the business forward over the next month.

It is an opportunity to experience peer-to-peer engagement, facilitated by an experienced business advisor, mentor and coach that will help your business grow and be more profitable. 

What will you get out of being involved in the Coaching Circle? - 

  • A forum to bring your business ideas, opportunities and issues to
  • Feedback from your peers - exploring, engaging and finding solutions to move your business forward
  • A better understanding of where your business is heading
  • Objectives that you want to achieve and how you are going to get there

Meeting regularly ensures that you are held to account and that actions are implemented in an effective way.

All meetings are safe and confidential and there will be only one representation per industry sector, so that you can feel comfortable sharing about your business.

Plus, in between meetings, you have telephone and email support should anything crop up or you get stuck! All part of the package!

Some additional points that may interest you:

  • This is not training
  • No workbooks
  • Focus is on your business, in the moment
  • Not formulaic - bespoke advice relevant to your business
  • No jargon/spiel - straight talking
  • Action-based development
  • Confidentiality maintained
  • Supportive & welcoming environment

So is this going to break the bank? Hardly! It is just £75 per month (cancel any time, no contract)

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