Growth through collaboration and support
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Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive Rewards is an invite-only online shopping platform with over 4000 top brands.

Free to join and cashback on every purchase.

Visit the site: - click on "Accept Invite" or "Join" and enter the following code: PGS2020

Then just start shopping and earn cash back! Simples!

You can also offer access to your family, friends, business colleagues and even your staff*. (*Normally a staff perk that you would have to pay for).

So whether you are looking for...

  • Fashion
  • Electricals
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Travel
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • ...or everyday shopping - there is a merchant for you!

The Business Community is bringing me ever-increasing levels of business; as well as invaluable business support.

The Business Community is a vibrant networking group that successfully combines professional relationship building with business education. Paul’s engaging facilitation style enables people to bond quickly and learn from each other. The inputs provide up to date thinking to challenge the members of The Business Community to think and act differently so to improve business results.

The Business Community has been extremely helpful to my business. The meetings are well run - they have a well-defined structure, but have a good mix of formality and informality. I enjoy meeting other members, have made some good connections, got great business advice from Paul and the wider group and, last but not least, gained work whose value is several times the cost of membership.

In the short time I’ve been a member, The Business Community has transformed my business and I’ve met some fantastic contacts along the way. Paul Green and Stephen Church are excellent hosts and bring great charm and personality into the meeting. Highly recommended to any business - whether starting out or established.

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