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Business as usual!

All meetings are going ahead but will be held virtually online until the current crisis returns to normal and are only £6 (not as indicated on this page).

The good news is, without the geographic restraints, you can attend any meeting that suits you.

Check out the free "Business Bulletins" that will guide you through these troubled times.

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Business Book Club

In order to help read some more business books, at least one a month anyway, why not join us at one of the monthly Business Book Clubs? Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

It’s free to attend – just the cost of the book being reviewed.

The intention is to review the book for the current month – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what learning did you get from the book and are you going to take any actions as a result.

The next book will be chosen by the attendees of the previous month’s meeting.

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Paul Green

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Paul is the founder of The Business Community. He works with small business owners helping them to be more effective at what they do; focusing on profitability and cashflow. He provides business advice, coaching, mentoring and training. Since becoming independent in 2003, he has worked with 100s of business owners impacting their business growth.

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Cheyne Walk Club

2 Cheyne Walk,


NN1 5PU.


Time: 6.30pm


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